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Wireless Network for Traffic Control
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1Vehicular traffic has increased several folds all over the globe, All the major cities are witnessing huge traffic and it has become very important to control the traffic ensure smooth flow all through the day and night. In order to avoid traffic congestion and also reduce the accidents Signalized traffic is a priority issue for every city. It has become very important to have and automatic transit control that offers more flexible solutions and high reliability.

By installing wireless devices in strategic spots, we can create a high reliable wireless network to help security agents, cops, and any other government security institution so they can view in real time what is happening in most congested streets. Today, many national agencies are relying on wireless technology to take better decisions regarding to traffic control, identifying individuals or suspicious vehicles.


  • Centralized Monitoring for signalized intersections.
  • Remote configuration of traffic controllers in real time.
  • Collection and counting of traffic flow.
  • Help pursuit suspect vehicles.
Wireless Network for Traffic Control