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DHL Broadband Net [P] Limited PRIVACY POLICY
Welcome to DHL Broadband Net [P] Limited. We respect the privacy of everyone who visits this website and we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of all visitors to this website. Our policy on the collection and use of personal information and other information is outlined below.

Personal information

  1. Personal information is not required to gain access on most of the web application pages.
  2. We collect personal information from our visitors on a voluntary basis. Personal information may include name, title, company, address, phone number, email address, and other relevant data. Questions or comments submitted by visitors may also include personal information.
  3. We collect and use personal information for business purposes in order:
  4. That you may download product information, order products and take advantage of certain other features of our website.
  5. To provide information or interactive services through this website, to your e-mail address or, where you wish it to be sent by post, to your name and postal addresses.
  6. To seek your feedback or to contact you in relation to those services offered on the website.
  7. To process orders or applications submitted by you.
  8. To administer or otherwise carry out our obligations in relation to any agreement you have with us.
  9. To anticipate and resolve problems with any goods or services supplied to you.
  10. To process and respond to requests, improve our operations, and communicate with visitors about our products, services and businesses.


Call 24 X 7

For any queries on our products or services, call DHL Broadband Net Care on +91 76677 48 666 from any fixed line or mobile phone any time. For any complaints, service activation /deactivation and tariff change requests you can call 76677 48 666 from your phone or email us at helpdesk@dhlbroadbandnet.com 

Service Availability

  1. Service Quality- during the Service Contract Period, the Company shall endeavour to maintain commercially acceptable levels of Service availability and ensure that the Subscriber is not prevented from making use of the Service as a result of any deficiency or problem in the Network.
  2. The Company may enter into a separate service level agreements with the Subscriber, provided that all other parameters not covered in such agreements are governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  3. Service quality, functionality, availability or reliability may be affected and the Company shall not be liable for such disruptions/ interruptions/ deficiency in case they are due to the following reasons;
  4. Planned repairs, modifications or maintenance notified to Subscriber in advance,
  5. Unauthorized changes to Service Equipment or CPE made by Subscriber without notifying the Company,
  6. Any fault in equipment other than Service Equipment or a fault arising from outside the Network,
  7. Suspension of Service by the Company as per Clause 8,Force Majeure Events,
  8. Any fault in or damage to Service Equipment or Network or components thereof for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Company,
  9. Refusal by Subscriber to allow testing or repair of Service or Service Equipment and use by Subscriber of the Service on an impaired basis, including refusal to allow access to Subscriber Premises to the Company personnel,
  10. Failure in providing stable power and the other infrastructure required for Service Equipment and/or Subscriber Equipment,
  11. Subscriber scheduled maintenance,
  12. Any complaint by the Subscriber which the Company, after due investigation, finds to be without any basis.



The terms and conditions herein, acceptable usage policy and responsible usage policy directed by DHL from time to time shall constitute and will be an integral part of the agreement between DHL and Customer with respect to the Service. DHL reserves the right to change any or all aspects of this agreement, operating rules, usage guidelines, prices governing the Service, service plans, the pricing structure, or product / service policies at any time without prior intimation to the Customer. The customer acknowledges that it is his/her sole responsibility to appraise himself/herself of the Terms and Conditions and responsible usage policy, as amended from time to time and agrees to abide by the same. The customer shall visit web site to apprise himself of the latest terms and conditions, service plans & policies etc. 

Every subscriber registration must be done with correct details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, etc. In case of any change, the same should be updated by the respective subscriber without fail or delay. 

The Service is being provided subject to all the applicable Indian Laws, rules and regulations. 

DHL shall provide service to the customer, in accordance with the terms and conditions then in force, and as amended from time to time, till the expiry of the specified period for which the Customer has paid for. 

The service charge is payable in advance and is non-refundable. All taxes, duties, charges or any other levies of any nature whatsoever, payable for the services shall be payable by the customer in addition to the service charges. 

DHL will put in its best efforts and strive to maintain the maximum possible uptime of the service. However DHL will not be responsible for downtime of service due to reasons beyond its control. 

The customer also acknowledges and accepts that in the very nature of the services to be provided there can be number of factors affecting the provision of the service by DHL and the obligation of DHL to provide the services shall be on best endeavour basis. 

DHL shall not be liable to the customer for any loss, expense or damage of any kind in connection with the performance of its obligations under this contract or arising from disruption, interruption, suspension or malfunction of the service, for whatsoever reason except when there is deliberate failure or breach on the part of DHL. 

DHL will be responsible only for carrying data packets and is not responsible for its nature or content. Customer guarantees that the service will be used for genuine purposes only and will not be used for any immoral or unlawful or socially unacceptable purposes. 

Customer acknowledges, accepts and specifically declares that he is fully aware of the nature and terms of the service and acceptable usage policy. The customer shall be exclusively responsible for making arrangements for getting the necessary hardware and software at his end. It is explicitly agreed that DHL does not undertake any responsibility with regard to procuring/installing/maintaining the hardware and / or software at the customer's end. 

The Ethernet Card installed by Franchise / Customer, DH L will not be responsible for any failure of the card. Further, DHL will not be responsible for the problems related to customers PC and the software's loaded on it. 

Customer hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless DHL against liability, which may arise for any and all, acts on the part of the customer in availing the service. 

The customer shall take full and sole responsibility for preserving the secrecy of the password. The customer acknowledge and accept that considering the nature of the service there will be a need to change the password from time to time to avoid misuse and to maintain secrecy. DHL shall not be responsible for any wrongful or unauthorized use, under any circumstances. 

The service to be provided shall be exclusively to the customer, the customer shall not transfer, reassign, sell, and lor offer or promote the service to others or otherwise share the services with others including the affiliates of the customer. Customer shall not do anything that is detrimental to DHL's interests. 15. DHL shall have the right to terminate the services, without any prior notice to the customer, in the event of breach of these terms and conditions on the part of the customer. DHL and the customer shall also have the right to terminate this agreement at any time by giving 30 days prior notice in writing to the other and without the need to assign any reason for such termination. In the event of such termination by DHL the customer shall be entitled to the return of the proportionate part of the charges paid for the unutilized period of the services. DHL shall not be liable to retuned any amount if the termination is by the customer or for breach or failure on the part of the customer. 

The customer acknowledges that the services is provided "as is". DHL, its employees, agents, suppliers, vendors and distributors make no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied regarding the quality, accuracy, or validity of the data and lor information available on its systems, or residing on or passing through its interconnecting networks, or that the service will be uninterrupted or error free. DHL expressly excludes any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. 

DHL and the customer hereby agree that this agreement together with the operational rules, acceptable usage policy and usage guidelines and other terms notified by DHL shall constitute the complete terms and conditions between them and there shall be no addition, modification or deletion to these terms and conditions unless it is so agreed in writing and signed by both "DHL" and the customer. 

Telephony on internet is permitted to a limited extent i.e. (i) from PC to PC within or outside India (ii) PC in India to telephone outside India (iii) IP based H.323/SIP terminals connected directly to ISP nodes to similar terminals within or outside India. The customers shall strictly comply with the above and the persons involved are liable to be proceeded with the punished. 

It is illegal to terminate internet telephony calls to any public telephone number (PSTN, ISDN, PLMN, etc) in India irrespective of whether the same originates in India or abroad. 

The customer agrees that the Broadband service is a single PC connection. DHL shall not be responsible for any downgrade of service due to re¬distribution by the customer. 

The customer agrees that DHL shall not be liable for service downgrades where the "last mile connectivity" is not provided by DHL. The responsibility of ensuring "last mile connectivity" shall be on the last mile connectivity network provider like Franchise, Cable TV operator, DID etc and DHL's responsibility shall be limited to ensure service till the Point of Presence of the last mile network operator. 

DHL's entire liability and the customer's exclusive remedy for any failure or breach on the part of DHL shall be the return of the charges paid by the Customer relating the unexpired period of the use. DHL disclaims all warranties and conditions express or implied including but not limited to implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose with regard to the services offered and in no event DHL shall be liable for any other damages including special, indirect or consequential damages loss of profits business interruption whatsoever arising out of use or inability to use the services. 

In using the service the customer agrees to comply with all laws, regulations and rules applicable and hereby indemnifies DHL against any claims, loss, damage or consequence arising from non compliance of the customer to any applicable laws, rules, regulations etc. 

DHL will not be liable for any act of the Franchise managing the Service at Customer's end outside the scope of this service. The customer expressly acknowledges that the liability of DHL is limited to the service rendered by DHL and DHL shall not be liable for any acts or deeds of the Franchise. 

The customer hereby declares that he has read these terms and conditions and the order form completely and that he unconditionally agrees to abide by these terms and conditions, and as is applicable from time to time. 

The "backbone" i.e. the cables, switches, wireless equipments, etc. installed by DHL is the exclusive property of DHL and customer shall not remove/relocate these without prior consent from DHL. 

User acknowledges that spamming of emails is prohibited. Spamming is the transmission of any form of mail that can be interpreted as junk mail or mail generated via a distribution list, which the recipient has not specifically requested. DHL reserves the right to block the user's email id or even terminate the services if this is violated by any user. 

The speeds mentioned against various service plans are as experienced within the DHL Network. 

For enhanced security, the DHL Broadband User ID as chosen by the user at the time of registration, the IP Address and the MAC address (unique for each LAN card) will be tied to each other. This means that a User ID can be used only from that user's PC and IP address allocated to the user. However, it is possible for the user to have multiple user ids, with different service plans from the same PC.  

The responsible usage policy seeks to ensure that broadband access is affordable to the largest number of people and provides a satisfactory value based service level.