⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ DHL FIBER in மிரளவைக்கும் Speed and Data ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ 111 Mbps Speed & Unlimited Data Rs. 999 + Tax ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ 222 Mbps Speed & Unlimited Data Rs. 1999 + Tax ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ 333 Mbps Speed & Unlimited Data Rs. 2999 + Tax ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ CONTACT NUMBER: 73737 48666 ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ CONTACT NUMBER: 73737 48661 ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ CONTACT NUMBER: 73737 48662 ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞ CONTACT NUMBER: 73737 48663 ⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞⁞

Broadband Wireless Access
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Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) is a technology that provides instantaneous bandwidths greater than 1 MHz and support data rates greater than about 1.5 Mbit/s to consumers. Broadband wireless access is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement your high performance network. Whether you are in a metropolitan city or village, Broadband wireless access is the most reliable and cost-effective, high-speed data networking technology that will augment your Internet needs. Broadband wireless service is a proven technology that is not only the most reliable and cost-effective but also guarantees transaction of high-speed data across the network.

Furthermore, people are experiencing an increased need for high bandwidth. Be it for office or at home, the demand for high bandwidth services are steadily on the rise as today one need download multimedia content, such as video, music, and movies besides exchanging emails, the volume of data has gone up significantly in the recent years paving the way for increased bandwidth. Savings in speed of deployment and in installation costs have made Broadband wireless an attractive option.

Benefits of using Wireless Broadband services:

  • Better Than Wired Networks.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility.
  • Speed and Reach.
  • Reliability and Security.
  • Economy and Pricing.
Broadband Wireless Access