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Digital City and Electronic Government
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Today increasingly governments are relying on technology to govern better and reach out to the public. All over the globe E-Governance has become popular as E-governance facilitates the operation of government and the dispersement of government information and services.  By properly utilizing the technology and communications, governments are enhancing their contribution to national and community development, as well as deepen the governance process.

A Digital City solution refers to a connected community that combines broadband communications infrastructure; flexible, service-oriented computing infrastructure based on open industry standards; and innovative services to meet the needs of governments and their employees, citizens and businesses.

Digital City provides interoperable, Internet-based government services that enable ubiquitous connectivity to transform key government processes, both internally across departments and employees and externally to citizens and businesses. Digital City services are accessible through wireless mobile devices and are enabled by services oriented enterprise architecture including Web services, the Extensible Markup Language (XML), and mobilized software applications.


  • Less corruption.
  • Increased transparency.
  • Greater convenience.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Cost reductions.
Digital City and Electronic Government